TiviMate is the most recommended IPTV Player

TiviMate is the most recommended IPTV Player

TiviMate is a superb IPTV player that opens your eyes to the world of Smart TV streaming and lets you browse through a vast array of online audio and video content.

Installing and using the TiviMate application on any device is possible, and it works with all brands of IPTV firesticks, allowing you to access all streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, at any time and from any location.

We will look at a few of the numerous dependable and helpful features and options that the TiviMate application offers you in this article.

What makes TiviMate special?

The developers of TiviMate and TiviMate Premium worked tirelessly to create an IPTV player that could accommodate the demands and tastes of any user.


TiviMate’s elegant yet understated interface was created to offer a pleasant and tranquil experience.

When streaming on your preferred device, such as an Android TV or Firestick, you won’t experience any lag because TiviMate offers unparalleled responsiveness and smoothness in the IPTV player market.

The following advice will help you get the most out of TiviMate:


To achieve your ideal and most comfortable version of TiviMate, you can alter the text size, background color, font and size of the subtitles, and other visual elements.

You can alter, hide, or remove the playlist categories by navigating the program Settings when navigating the menu bar on the left listings. The title of the menu bar is “Groups”.

Your experience will undoubtedly be enhanced by organizing your favorite playlists and channels, as well as by un-tagging channels you no longer need.

This program functions as a comprehensive IPTV player, allowing you to access a variety of services.


Getting Around

This is a brief list of the navigation options that can be accessed with a Firestick and a streaming device remote:

-Choose a button to view the channel list.

-Back Button: Returns to Guide or Displays Groups

-Right Button: Proceed to the Next Episode

-Left Button: Return to Previous App

-Press Up to View Channels Button for Upward and Downward Channel   Exploration

-Press the Rewind button to browse channels up without switching.

-Quick Forward: Investigate Channels Below without Switching Channels


While your current channel is still playing in the background, you can access The TV Guide and recent channels by hitting the pick button while you’re watching a station.

Personalization Preferences


To make it easier to access your favorite channels, you can arrange them in one location in one of two ways:

While a channel is playing, long click on it and choose “Add to Favorites.”

Open the TV Guide’s Menu button, choose the stations you wish to add, and then click “Add to Favorites” or any other choice that appears in the list of possibilities to add multiple channels at once.


To provide even more organization, TiviMate offers groups, which sets it apart from other IPTV providers.

To control and eliminate undesirable groups:

-Press the Menu button on your device to open the TV Guide.

-Select the Groups menu.

-Click on Manage Groups.

-To eliminate the group you no longer require, flip the toggle that is displayed off.


Groups can be arranged differently by:

  1. Click manage positions.
  2. Highlight and drag the Group to the position of your preference.
  3. Quick tip: put your favorites at the top.


Particularly when utilizing Closed Captioning, Subtitles TiviMate gives you remarkable flexibility over subtitles that are not available on many other IPTV clients.

Although the look and features of subtitles differ from channel to channel, the application nevertheless offers you options.


How to Turn On Subtitles:

  1. Play the desired video.
  2. Press and hold the Select button to bring up the options list.
  3. Select CC.
  4. Toggle “Closed captions” on.

External Video Player TiviMate

Not only does TiviMate have a fantastic built-in player, but it also has the ability to use external video players—something that most IPTV players do not!

Using an external video player, you can play your preferred channel by: 

  1. Picking the channel of choice.
  2. Accessible playback settings
  3. Activate “Use external player.”

Image within Image

Another fantastic feature that lets you explore apps on your mobile other than TiviMate while watching your favorite live program is the Picture-in-Picture setting.

Using your firestick, select the option to start TiviMate in full screen mode in the background and enjoy completing your job while streaming on the same device.


Recordings on Schedule

Any forthcoming show can be scheduled, recorded, and watched later at your convenience with TiviMate Premium.

In order to utilize Scheduled Recording After selecting “record” from the Channel program list, you can go about your business knowing that TiviMate will automatically record the show on time.

Make a backup and restore

TiviMate Premium gives you the ability to backup and restore your shows, playlists, favorites, and preferences, so you won’t have to worry if you need to remove your current app or switch to a different device.


You can utilize Dropbox, Google Drive, or locally save the backup file to backup and recover your data.

Integration of IPTV

It is now simple to combine many IPTV services into a single app. You have three choices for creating “Playlists” and adding IPTV services:

M3U link: This is the simplest approach; all that’s needed to integrate is the M3U link that comes with a login.

  • Stalker Gateway.
  • Xtream programming.

TiviMate Premium 

TiviMate Premium offers a vast array of channels and options in one convenient location, which undoubtedly contributes to peace of mind.

Parental Guidance

Enabling the parental control option in TiviMate Premium will offer you control over the kind of content your child consumes and guarantee that he only receives recommendations and content that are age-appropriate. Protecting our children is our top priority.

You can add a four-digit pin to limit your child’s access to certain channels.


These were only a few of the many fantastic and significant features and choices that TiviMate is happy to offer you.

Make the most of them by spending a relaxing and beautiful weekend with your family in front of your smart screen!

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