Introduction to the famous IPTV Player TiviMate

Introduction to the famous IPTV Player TiviMate

What is TiviMate?

TiviMate is one of the most famous and reliable Internet protocol television player (IPTV player), it allows you access to more than +4.300 international and standard channels, and as an IPTV Player TiviMate is a key for experiencing the world of livestreaming and browsing all your favourites IPTV services as Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, launching Youtube on your big screen, and streaming a wide variety of channels and accessing kids channels, News, Sports, Cooking, and many others, all available for you using just one reliable application, the TiviMate IPTV player. 


TiviMate and TiviMate Premium are also determined and continuously working to offer you the greatest TV streaming experience, a service superior to what all other IPTV players may offer.

All these efforts are shown in the many efficient and marvelous features the TiviMate application provides you with

What are the subscription plans available?

There are 2 subscription plans available using the TiviMate app, the free version, and the paid version, TiviMate Premium.

For only 14.97$/month, you get access to +4300 channels, cable, and PPV.

Why Premium?

While developing TiviMate, the developing team had their eyes set on providing efficacy, liability, comfort, and safety and made them priorities, to reach their goals they made sure various and marvelous features are provided by TiviMate Premium, features that will give you the best IPTV streaming experience!

TiviMate Pro offers you a wide variety of efficient and special features, it gives you access to all various streaming services, allows you to customize your interface and profiles, to create and manage your own playlists, it offers you the great Picture-In-Picture feature, and efficient choices and control with the Schedule Recording feature and Parenteral control.

TiviMate allows you to use one Premium subscription on up to 5 devices, and many more features exclusive to TiviMate Premium.

Is the utilization of IPTV Player legal?

IPTV players including TiviMate are 100% legal to install and use. The TiviMate application is available on GooglePlay Store and Apple store.

Is it Safe?

Yes, the app is safe to install and use, but make sure to avoid scammers and install the right version, you can download TiviMate APK from our website here.

Which devices are TiviMate Compatible with?

TiviMate is compatible with phone, PC, and most smart TV operating systems, including:

  •         Google TV
  •         Apple TV
  •         Nivida Shield TV 
  •         Fire TV
  •         Xiaomi MIBOX S
  •         DYNALINK 
  •         MEECOOL
  •         Onn

NON-Compatible Devices:

  •         Roku
  •         Chromecast (Sin Google TV)
  •         VideoGame Consoles

Features and Tips to use TiviMate in the most efficient way

IPTV Integration

You can easily lauch a collection of different IPTV services in using only Tivi Mate IPTV player, you can add IPTV services of your preference depending on the keys available:

  •         M3U link
  •         Stalker Portal.
  •         Xtream code.

Valuable Settings Options

You will find various options within the Settings list to make you have a comfortable experience, crucial ones are:

  •         Enable the Confirmation message to show up prior to Exit, do that to avoid closing the TiviMate app accidentally when clicking the Back button. 
  •         Enable Auto-update of the TV guide.


Subtitles availability is a crucial component of any streaming experience, yet the Closed Captioning option is not available on most IPTV players, but TiviMate is always the exception.

You can enable any subtitles you want, change its font, size, site and general appearance using the Tivi Mate app

To Enable Subtitles:

  1.     Play a certain video.
  2.     Open the options list with a long click on the Select button.
  3.     Choose CC
  4. Turn toggle to “Closed captions”.



You can customize your playlists and organize them all in one place on the Tivi Mate app, there are two ways to do that:

  1.     Long click a single channel while playing it.
  2.     Select “Add to Favorites”.

To add multiple channels at once:

  1.     Open the Menu button on the TV guide.
  2.     Select channels you want to add.
  3.     Click “Add to Favorites”.


Groups option offers more organization, and it is a great option that distinguishes TiviMate from other IPTV players.

To manage and remove unwanted groups:

  1.     Open the TV Guide and press the Menu button with your Firestick.
  2.     Click Groups.
  3.     Select Manage Groups.
  4.     Turn the toggle off to remove the unwanted group.

Picture in Picture

Using the Picture-in-Picture feature, you can finish your tasks on other applications while having TiviMate playing your fav live show on the corner of the screen.

You can launch TiviMate in the background this way:

  1. Play the show.
  2. Enable the full screen mode.
  3. You will find the Picture In picture option among other options, click it.

TiviMate External Video Player

On top of TiviMate having a great built-in video player, the TiviMate application allows you to use external video players, a feature not provided by most IPTV players!

You will find the option to play your favorite show using an external video player when you:

  1.     Select the channel of choice.
  2.     Open playback options.
  3.     Turn on “Use external player”.

Scheduled Recordings

TiviMate Premium offers clients with tight schedules a great deal with the Schedule Recording feature.

You can schedule the recording of any upcoming show, and watch the recorded version whenever you want, using Tivi Mate Pro.

Do that:

  1. Open the Channel program list.
  2. Click  “record”.
  3. TiviMate will record the show automatically for you, you can it on you shows list later on.

We are happy to help!

For any more questions, you can contact our customer service and we will always be happy to help.

You can download TiviMate APK using the link on our website, you will also find a guide for installation and setting up TiviMate.

If you face any technical problems while configuring your device or setting up TiviMate, our technical support team will gladly get you through it.


If you don’t have a TiviMate premium account yet, you can check our website for Plans & prices and choose the package of your choice.

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