How to install TiviMate App 2024

TiviMate is an IPTV player that offers you access to more than 4.300 channels worldwide, it gives you access to Youtube, Netflix, Live streaming, News and Sports channels, all provided by one application, TiviMate IPTV player. The app works on all kinds of devices, it is compatible with Firestick, Phones, PC, Google TV.

TiviMate App

TiviMate and TiviMate Pro provides you with various exceptional options and features that are not easy to find in any other IPTV player, here you will have the option to organise your channels, form playlists with your favourites shows, schedule record any upcoming show so that you can watch play it again and again any time soon, have access and control and what kind of content your kids are exposed to to make sure they are safe, multitasking by using the Picture-In-Picture feature, and so many more wonderful options to make sure you have the best IPTV streaming experience with it!

In this article, we will show you the steps to acquire this gem, here is a guide to install and set up the TiviMate app!

Detailed Guide for the installation of TiviMate

You will find below a detailed but quick guide that will help you install and set up the TiviMate application on your chosen device. You can also find lots of Video guides on Youtube. Contact us if you face a problem while installing.

TiviMate App

First thing first: Launch your Streaming device, then:

  1. You are now in the Home screen of your device, reach the Find button and click the Search box.
  2. Search “Downloader”.
  3. If the Downloader app is already installed, skip the few next steps.
  4. Choose the Downloader app and download it.
  5. When the download is over, the app will notify you with a “Ready to Launch” message.
  6. Set up the Downloader application.
  7. Go to the Home screen and open Settings, then choose My Fire TV.

Now we have two ways depending on the availability of the ‘Developer options’.

If you have Developer options:

  1. Click Developer options.
  2. Install unknown apps.
  3. Find the Downloader app then select it. (This step will allow the app to install other applications that are not from the Appstore, You should choose reliable sources to avoid viruses and scams.)

If you do not have Developer options:

  1.  Go to the Home screen and open Settings, then choose My Fire TV.
  2. Click About.
  3. Grab your Firestick and click the OK button on your remote 7 times to become a developer.
  4. Click the Back button, now you will notice that the Developer options selection is shown and available within My Fire TV settings.

Now that we are all on the same path and got our Firestick ready, we can continue the road to download and set up the TiviMate app.

Secondly, Setup TiviMate:

  1. Launch the Downloader application we just got.
  2. Reach the URL bar and select it using your remote.
  3. Type the Downloader code or past the Tivi Mate APK link then go.
  4. The Downloader will redirect you to the wanted page.
  5. Now you are on the Tivi Mate home screen.
  6. Scroll till you find the Download button then click it.
  7. Wait for the Tivi mate app installation to be complete.
  8. Launch the app once downloaded.
  9. Click install.
  10. Done. (congratulations)
  11. Now you go back to the Downloader app, and those are additional steps to clean up.
  12. Click Delete to delete the TiviMate APK and installation file.
  13. Choose Delete again.

Now you are all done, you managed to install the TiviMate IPTV player, but there are still a few steps for the setup of the app.

How To Setup TiviMate Free Version 

Once the installation is complete, you can launch  the application and authorise selected tivimate IPTV service you want access for.

TiviMate App


To initialise an IPTV service on TiviMate, you will need an M3U URL or Xtream code, to find them, you can open the chosen service Welcome E-mail and you will mostly find it, if not, please contact the service Customer support.

set up

Now you are ready to set up the TiviMate app FREE version, here are the steps:

  1. Open the Tivi Mate IPTV player and click Add Playlist.
  2. Choose Xtream codes OR M3U playlist.
  3. Select Enter URL.
  4. Paste the M3U URL of the selected IPTV service.
  5. Next.
  6. A “Playlist is processed” message will appear with the details of the channel count and the playlist name. Next.
  7. Insert the EPG URL if it doesn’t auto-import.
  8. Choose Your Playlist option.
  9. OK.
  10. TV Guide will refresh then you are ready to go!

From start to finish, installing and setting up the IPTV player Tivi Mate isn’t a long task, now you can enjoy your free version of the app, but keep in mind that you are missing out on lots of efficient and great features that you can only find in TiviMate Pro.

While trying to add a channel to your favorites or schedule record an upcoming show, enabling parental control or Picture-In-Picture feature, you will face a message to upgrade, you can just click cancel it if you want to keep using the free version, but if you want to give the Premium version a try, Click this link!

Check out for TiviMate Imposters

There is an ongoing scam you should be wary of, it  is targeting the IPTV players users community, especially TiviMate users, where the scammers use the TiviMate name to sell fake IPTV subscriptions. The scammers will promise you with an app that offers access to live channels freely and all IPTV services, but once you get the app you will find that it does not provide you with any content streaming or live and it only works as a video player.

If you come across any website using the name of the ‘TiviMate IPTV player’ that makes those false claims, please avoid it. You will find here on our website a safe and reliable way to install and set up the TiviMate APK without worrying about being scammed.

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