TiviMate | Most Valuable IPTV Player 2024

TiviMate is an excellent IPTV player that welcomes you with open doors to the world of Smart TV streaming, and allows you to explore a wide variety of visual and audio content available on the internet. The TiviMate application can be installed and used on any device, and it is compatible with all brands of IPTV firestick, so that you can access all streaming services as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, whenever you want to, and wherever you want.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the many useful and reliable features and options that the TiviMate application provides you with.

Why TiviMate?

TiviMate and tivimate iptv player Premium developing team put every effort to present an all-around IPTV player that meets all clients’ needs and preferences.



The simple and classy interface of TiviMate iptv was designed to provide a relaxing and beautiful experience. You won’t see a delay while streaming on the device of your preference as firestick, or Android TV, as the smoothness and fast response provided in TiviMate are exceptional in the world of IPTV players. Here are some tips for a better experience while using TiviMate:

  • You can customize the font size, background color, subtitles size and font and other appearance features so that you reach your favorite and most comfortable version of TiviMate.
  • While exploring the menu bar on the left lists, you will notice the title (Groups), that is where you will find your playlist categories, you can manage them, hide or remove them by managing the application Settings.
  • Organizing your channels and favorite playlists and removing channels that you no more need will surely improve your experience.
  • You can access multiple services with this app as it works as an all-in IPTV player.


Here is a quick catalog for the navigation options available when using a streaming device remote and firestick:

  • Select Button: Opens Channel list
  • Back Button: Shows Groups/Return to Guide
  • Right Button: Next to Next Program
  • Left Button: Back to Previous Program
  • Up Button: Explore Channels Upward 
  • Down Button: Explore Channels Downward 
  • Rewind Button: Explore Channels Up without changing the channel
  • Fast Forward: Explore Channels Down without changing the channel

While playing a Channel, by pressing the select button you can reach The TV Guide and recent channels with your current channel still playing in the background.



You can organize all your favorite channels in one place to reach them more easily, you can do that by two ways:

  1. Long click a single channel while playing it then select “Add to Favorites”.
  2. To add multiple channels at once, open the Menu button on the TV Guide and select channels you want to add, then select “Add to Favorites”, or any other option displayed on the options list.


Groups are another option for more organization, and it is a great option that distinguishes TiviMate iptv from other IPTV players. To manage and remove unwanted groups:

  1. Open the TV Guide and press the Menu button on your device.
  2. Choose Groups options.
  3. Select Manage Groups.
  4. Switch the displayed toggle off to remove the group you no longer need.

To put Groups in a different order:

  1. Click manage positions.
  2. Highlight and drag the Group to the position of your preference.
  3. Quick tip: put your favorites at the top.


TiviMate offers you exceptional control on subtitles not available on many other IPTV players, especially when using Closed Captioning. Subtitles appearance and features generally vary from channel to channel but there are still choices for you on the application. How To Enable Subtitles:

  1. Play the wanted video
  2. Open the options list with a long click on the Select button
  3. Choose CC
  4. Turn toggle to “Closed captions”

TiviMate External Video Player

Tivimate iptv player does not only provide you with an amazing built-in player, but it also allows you to use external video players, a feature not provided by most IPTV players! You can play your favorite channel using an external video player by:

  1. Selecting the desired channel.
  2. Open playback options
  3. Turn on “Use external player”

Picture in Picture

Picture-in-Picture setting is another wonderful feature that will allow you to browse applications other than TiviMate app on your device while watching your favorite live show. You will find the option to launch TiviMate in the background in the full-screen mode, click it with your firestick then enjoy finishing your work while streaming on the same device.

Scheduled Recordings

Using TiviMate Pro, you can schedule and record any upcoming show and watch it later whenever you want. To access Scheduled Recording Open the Channel program list then click on “record”, now you can finish your errands and the TiviMate will record the show automatically in time.


Backup and Restore

With TiviMate Premium you won’t have to worry if you need to delete your current TiviMate app or switch to another device, as it offers you a backup and restore option backing up your shows, playlists, favorites and preferences. To backup and restore your data, you can use Google Drive, Dropbox, or save the backup file locally

IPTV Integration

You can now easily integrate different tivimate IPTV services in one app, you can make your “Playlists’ and add IPTV services with 3 options:

  • M3U link: the easiest option, only the M3U link provided with username is required to integrate.
  • Stalker Portal.
  • Xtream code.

Having a wide variety of channels and options in one place with TiviMate Premium certainly gives peace of mind.

Parental Controls

Protecting our children is a number one priority, enabling the parental control feature in tivimate iptv player Premium will give you control on the type of content your kid watches and ensure that he only get age-appropriate content and recommendations.

  • You can restrict what channels your child can access by adding the 4 digit pin.
  • These were glimpses of some of the various important and wonderful features and options that TiviMate cares to provide you with.
  • Try to make the most out of them and enjoy a calm and lovely weekend on your smart screen with your family!

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